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Having a backup location with servers and IT infrastructures and disaster recovery plan for business continuity is significantly important. Disaster recovery is best implemented when an alternate location with high-availability and security is brought into the mix.

So whether a natural disaster such as fires or floods occurs or malicious intent is used to interrupt or completely halt the operations of any organizations, one can rest assured that the records and data are well preserved and in working order. Our disaster recovery center is constructed in Hetauda for the above-mentioned purpose and completed one plus year of operation today with the help of KOICA.

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Why Recovery

Business Continuity

Backup location with servers and IT infrastructures and disaster recovery plan for business continuity is significantly important.

Prevent Disaster

A disaster recovery site is part of an actionable backup plan in case a company's primary location or systems become inaccessible due to an unforeseen event, such as fire, flood, or data breach.

Data & Backup

Backup is the process of creating a copy of the data on your system that you use for recovery in case your original data is lost or corrupted.


Frequently Asked Questions?

Disaster recovery is the process used by a company to regain functioning and access to its IT infrastructure following a natural disaster, cyberattack, or even business interruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Disaster recovery plans, IT infrastructures, and servers are crucial for ensuring business continuity.

The process of developing prevention and recovery measures to handle possible hazards to an organization is known as business continuity planning. The objective is to support ongoing operations both before and during the execution of disaster recovery, in addition to prevention.

An organization's comprehensive disaster recovery (DR) strategy outlines in great detail how to deal with unanticipated events including natural disasters, power outages, cyberattacks, and other disruptive occurrences.

Only government agencies are eligible to use DRC's services. DRC's primary objective is to offer backup and recovery in order to maintain business continuity. In order to use the services, you must proceed to "Apply Online" and complete the necessary service form.

DRC offers services such as web hosting, email hosting, training for human resources, co-location, and consulting. Go to the Services tab to learn more.

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